Mechanical Restraint Device Set


CATEGORY: Health Equipment, Hospital Equipment, Restraints & Safety Equipment

Our Mechanical Restraint Device Set is a meticulously designed solution for high-risk patients, ensuring their safety and well-being during medical transportation and critical situations.  This comprehensive set comprises essential components to provide secure immobilization and support.

The Mechanical Restraint Device Set includes:

  • Waist Belt – This belt provides a secure and stable anchor point, ensuring patients remain safely restrained during transportation.
  • Under Stretcher Strap – Designed to further enhance patient stability, this strap reinforces the immobilization process, minimizing movement.
  • Wrist Extension Straps – These extension straps offer versatile support for the patient’s wrists, securing them firmly in place.
  • Ankle Stretcher Strap – The stretcher strap provides secure restraint for the patient’s ankles, minimizing the risk of movement.
  • Wrist/Ankle Cuffs – These cuffs are designed to provide optimal comfort while ensuring a reliable grip, minimizing discomfort for the patient.
  • Mechanical Restraint Key – The key ensures easy and swift release when necessary, allowing for efficient patient care.
  • Storage Bag – For convenient organization and accessibility, the set comes with a storage bag, allowing caregivers to keep the components neatly in one place.

This Mechanical Restraint Device Set is the result of extensive trials by N.S.W Ambulance, validating its efficacy and reliability. As a testament to its performance, this set has been successfully installed in their fleet across the state, ensuring the safety and well-being of high-risk patients.

All components are able to be modified and purchased individually using the codes below.

Wrist cuff- CODE: W/A-NSW

Under stretcher strap – CODE: USS-NSW

Ankle Stretcher strap – ASS-NSW

Waist belt – CODE: WB-NSW

Wrist extension strap – CODE: WES-NSW

Ankle extension strap – CODE: ASSE-NSW

Storage bag – CODE: SB-NSW

Mechanical key – CODE: MRK


ARTG – 446531

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