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Hemco Industries can provide you with a range of aftermarket, Lap seatbelts, Lap/Sash seatbelts and Retracting Lap/Sash seatbelts and custom seatbelts. Whether it is the family’s car, your ride to work or business fleet we make sure our products are produced to the highest of specifications in Australia and abroad.

It is essential that an automobile is operated correctly and in the most comfortable way. Because of this, it is important that you ensure all the seatbelts in your fleet are at the correct length and position. By ensuring you have the most suitable seatbelts installed in your vehicle, your occupants can feel safe and confident.

All seatbelts for on road use must be certified to AS/NZS2596 or ADR4. Choosing the correct seat belt is essential to ensure your safety. We recommend that you have your aftermarket seat belt fitted by one of our approved restraint fitting stations.

Hemco Seatbelt Division

Lap Seatbelt

A Lap seatbelt is a strap that goes over the hips. This was the most commonly installed type of belt prior to 3-point belts, and is primarily found in older cars. Many coaches are equipped with lap belts, as are passenger aircraft seats. If a seating position has had a Lap/Sash seatbelt fitted, then the seatbelt cannot be downgraded to Lap only.

Lap/Sash Seatbelt

A Lap/Sash seatbelt is a 3 point seatbelt with a lap strap over the hips and a sash strap over the shoulder. This is a much better option than a lap seatbelt as it restrains the trunk as well as the hips.

Retractable Seatbelt

Is one of the above items fitted with an inertia reel which automatically pulls the seatbelt tight around your body, but also allows you to lean forward when needed. A retractable Lap/Sash seat belt is the best option for all seating positions when capable of being fitted.

We can fit selected Mitsubishi, Ford, Holden, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Renault, Mercedes and Volvo models.

If you have a boat, show car, street rod, go kart, carnival ride or any other type of vehicle and require custom seatbelts, then we have the solution for you. Our professional engineers can manufacture the most suitable standards approved seatbelt for your need.

Our qualified and experienced team can construct a seatbelt that complements your vehicle and meets your individual requirements.

Whether it's the family car or business fleet, our products are made to meet the highest specifications in Australia