Hemco Seatbelts 223x190

When selecting a size for the harness, it is important to consider that optimal effectiveness is achieved when the harness is comfortably snug. Ensure that all straps are positioned over bony areas rather than soft tissue. The chest strap should rest firmly across the centre of the breastbone, while the seat belt should be positioned over the wearer's hipbones.

To provide adjustable options for customization, the harness features two sets of loops at the back for adjusting the position of the chest strap. Additionally, there are two sets of loops at the front to modify the position of the seat belt, ensuring a secure and tailored fit.

Small 1820000 Special Needs Harness

Please note that the Small 1820000 Special Needs Harness is intended for children weighing under 36kg. This particular harness is specifically designed to attach to the existing child seat anchorage points in the vehicle.

It is crucial to avoid attaching a Medium or Large Harness to a Child Anchor point, as these anchor points are not robust enough to withstand the forces exerted during a collision.

Medium & Large Special Needs Harness

The Medium 1820001 and Large 1820002 Special Needs Harnesses are designed to attach to adult seat belt anchorages. As most vehicles do not have suitable existing anchor points, it is highly recommended to have an anchorage kit professionally installed by a competent mechanic at an appropriate fitting station.

It is essential that all vehicles in which the harness is used are equipped with a suitable anchorage point for maximum safety and reliability.

Anti-Submarine Strap

The anti-submarine strap is a crucial component of the harness, enhancing its effectiveness and safety. It is designed to connect to the rear of the chest strap, while featuring a convenient loop at the front to securely thread the seatbelt through.

To ensure the perfect fit for the anti-submarine strap, measurement is key. Simply measure from the top of the chest strap, located between the shoulder blades, down and under, until reaching the lap belt. This measurement is all we need to provide you with the ideal anti-submarine strap that offers optimal comfort and security.

Our standard lengths for the anti-submarine strap include 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, and 900mm, which cover the middle range of adjustment options. This range allows for versatility in achieving a customized fit. If further adjustments are necessary, the anti-submarine strap can be easily modified by repositioning the Velcro strip located at the back, granting flexibility in tailoring the strap to individual requirements.

With the properly fitted anti-submarine strap, you can have peace of mind knowing that the harness provides optimal security and support. Trust Hemco to deliver a reliable and customizable solution that ensures the utmost safety for users in various applications.


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