High Quality Seatbelts

Hemco Industries Australia can provide you with replacement seat belts which are of the highest quality. You and your family’s safety are paramount so all of our products are produced with the most stringent practices.

Choosing the correct replacement seat belt is essential to ensure your safety. We recommend that you have your seat belt fitted by one of our approved restraint fitting specialists.

Hemco's range of seatbelts includes replacement for selected Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi, Toyota models.

Our General Purpose seatbelt range includes a variety of angled retractors, for replacement for a wider variety of vehicles.

Hemco Seatbelt Division
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Safety in mind

As it is an offence to operate an automobile without being correctly restrained, it is important that you ensure all the seatbelts in your car are functioning in a way to keep occupants positioned correctly and comfortably.

Damaged seatbelts not only create discomfort but could cause serious injury and perhaps even death in the event of an accident so please make an effort to maintain the integrity of the seatbelts in your cars.

We can help replace:

  • Seatbelts
  • Seatbelt Extensions
  • Child Restraints
  • Special Needs Harnesses

The safety of your family is paramount, so our seatbelts are produced with the most stringent practices.